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allmetalworking > Product News Content > Behringer Saws Introduced Bandsaw Machines with Longer Blade Life
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Behringer Saws Introduced Bandsaw Machines with Longer Blade Life

BEHRINGER SAWS INC., a manufacturer of bandsawing machines, circular cold saws, and structural fabricating equipment, expanded its HBM series of high-performance bandsaws to include the new HBM-SC series. The HBM440A-SC and HBM540A-SC feature “speed cutting” (SC) technology that facilitates ultra high-speed cutting of virtually all metals, including tool steels, stainless steel and other materials traditionally presenting slow cut rates.

The supplier noted that productivity tests showed that conventional band sawing machines with bimetal saw blades can cut solid chromium-manganese material with a diameter of 6 in. at a rate of about 12 sq. in./min. Adding a carbide-tipped blade boosts this rate to about 20 sq. in./min. With SC technology installed, the approximate cut rate achieved in the tests was near 77.5 sq. in./min. — is more than four times as fast as the rate of a conventional bandsaw.

"In plain terms," said Richard Klipp, Behringer president, "a single bandsaw with SC installed can make a cut in about a half a minute whereas a conventional bandsaw might take up to two minutes. One of our saws with SC technology can probably out-produce three standard machine saws partly because there is a much higher volume of filtered flood coolant used, and also because the chip removal system is capable of handling massive amounts of debris."

To maximize cutting speeds, Behringer re-engineered the HBM saw frame so that it channels the buildup of forces away from the work area. This permits optimized band clamping to reduce vibration and increase precision movement. Newly designed band guides are fitted with nozzles that spray coolant directly into the kerf. Coupled with a high-volume coolant pump, this keeps blades and materials as cool as possible during high speed cutting enabling longer periods of uninterrupted throughput when compared to conventional bandsaws.

The HBM-SC sawing blade downfeed is driven by a ball screw powered with a heavy-duty gearbox and a high-horsepower motor with a torque drive of 35 HP. This provides the controlled application of downfeed power required for precise, accurate movement of the blade through the material being cut.

Then, downfeed power is balanced against blade wear via a blade pressure monitor, which is linked to a servo-controlled cutting pressure sensing system. This power/pressure balance ensures that the material feed rate is always maximized without overloading the blade.

Noting that SC technology yields higher rates of stock removal, Behringer added that an unusually high volume of chips would be produced. Two self-adjusting brushes clean the saw band while the saw operates. Falling into a funnel shaped flume, the chips are guided to a dual conveyor in the machine bed. This high-capacity, high-efficiency chip removal system allows operators to achieve and maintain high productivity levels without being forced to stop work in order to clear the work area.

About this company:
BEHRINGER SAWS is a manufacturer of high performance bandsawing
machines, circular cold saws and structural fabricating equipment.
Operating as Behringer Saws Inc., the U.S. operations are located in
Morgantown, PA and are a subsidiary of the parent company BEHRINGER
Gmbh, in Kirchardt, Germany.
Company Information:
Company Name: Behringer Saws, Inc.
Address: 721 Hemlock Road
City: Morgantown
State/Province: Pennsylvania
ZIP: 19543
Country: U.S.A.
Phone Number: +1-610-2869777
FAX: +1-610-2869699
Note: The copyright and the ownship of the brand, product names, product numbers, and content mentioned belongs to their repective companies.
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